The advantages of a Custom Vanity Phone Numbers

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Despite the increasing prevalence of chat and email, the telephone remains the preferred medium for Americans to get in touch with companies and service providers.

A survey conducted by the ABI Banking Contact Center Observatory revealed that despite a 33% growth in the use of social networks, email and chat as a means of contact, USA have made over 58 million calls to contact centers of banking institutions in 2016 alone, expressing a marked preference for telephone contact .

When the telephone communication plays such an important role in the relationship with its customers, even the choice of the telephone number can become a means to convey information about one’s own activity, as well as about one’s availability and work philosophy.

If in the past the use of Custom Vanity Phone Numbers telephone numbers was almost exclusive prerogative of large companies, nowadays it has become easy and cheap even for professionals and small and medium enterprises to choose to use virtual numbers, thanks also to the spread of technology VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) which has made the process of redirecting and routing calls easier.

But which type of numbering to choose, among the many available? The answer depends on our needs and our professional goals.

Green numbers

Providing a Vanity toll-free numbers indicates the desire to build a relationship of mutual trust and is a demonstration of the attention paid to communication between customer and company or professional. If we are consolidating our position in the market and aim to improve the image of our business, the toll-free number represents an excellent investment. It can also perform the function of switchboard, serving as a point for routing incoming calls which will then be redirected according to the user’s needs.

Geographical numbers

Furthermore, by using a geographical number we avoid that callers from abroad must bear the costs of an international call. Using different geographic numbers for different markets does not necessarily mean revolutionizing one’s approach to customer service: we can, for example, redirect calls to a single switchboard, provided that it is properly equipped to meet the needs, both linguistic and otherwise, of international customers.

Ad hoc numbers to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

For example, by using different phone numbers on the site, business cards and print advertising, we will be able to easily assess which of the channels is the most effective for acquiring new customers and investing accordingly. In the same way, we can evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns by simply associating a different number to each of them or by having different phone numbers appear on our website depending on the origin of the users.

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