When it comes to sports betting, not every website is created equal. There’s a real difference between gambling and investing, and that’s not a fact that everyone wants you to know. When NBA ATS STATS first emerged over ten years ago, we set out to be the foremost authority on basketball investing in the United States. Today, we are bringing that same level of excellence to an international market, with the launch of NBA ATS STATS, Canada.

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As basketball’s global audience has grown exponentially, so has the need to find a qualified, consistent basketball betting program. The internet is littered with hundreds of handicapping and sports pick sites; all of them brimming with promises and “sure things”. At NBA ATS STATS, we know that real handicapping is as much a science as it is an art- and that’s what sets us apart.

We start every NBA computer picks with a state of the art informational sports database; an impressive collection of statistics pertaining to each player, team and coach. Then we factor in everything that those other sports betting sites don’t: crowd momentum, a player’s physical condition, and the emotional state of the coach, just to name a few. These are the real stats that can decide a game, and NBA ATS STATS is the only sports investing site that works in the human angle. The result is nothing short of an unparalleled picking, betting, and winning system.

Other companies will tell you that hitting 60% of your picks is impossibility. For them, it is. But at NBA ATS STATS, we put all of our focus on basketball. That means that our handicappers are completely invested in a singular purpose. Serious problems can arise when a team is making picks on several different sports on the same day…we sidestep the issue all together by keeping it all about the round ball.

When honesty, integrity, and value matter, you need the accuracy of a proven winner. Our basketball experts can turn your passion for the hardwood into a steady passive income. We have a plan to suit every investor- from sports novice to betting experts.

When excellence matters, go with NBA ATS STATS, Canada.

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