How to increase bust size with massage

Easy tantric breast massage

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favorites are the intoxicatingly wonderfully scented jasmine oil and rose oil. They make me feel soft feminine and instantly connect me to the energy of love and the heart chakra.

How is tantric breast massage done?

Start. Wash your hands with warm water to keep them warm. Reserve some skin-friendly oil or cream (organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, rose oil, argan oil) nearby. Sit in a comfortable position on a bed, sofa or chair. Warm your hands more and activate them by rubbing them together. When your hands are warm and you feel a slight tingling in them, apply oil to them.

Breast tissue opening. You don’t need a lot of strength to massage your breasts, but a gentle grip works better. Rub the breasts gently by taking the oiled hands down from the outside of the breast and up from the inside. This opens the breast tissue and helps remove impurities. Send loving and accepting thoughts to your breasts throughout the massage (or ask your partner to praise them).

Slag removal. When the breast tissue feels soft and warm, rub the nipples and nipple yards. You can now rub your breasts harder. Sometimes put your hands around your breasts and loosen them. Shaking and loosening continue to help remove contaminants.

Increasing sensuality and sensitivity. Rub the breast tissue, nipple and nipples in a way that feels enjoyable. Try different grips: gentle, intense, swirling, feather light, nipple squeezing and even pulling. Allow yourself to feel pleasure. Rejoice in your breasts and the pleasure they produce. Remember to take a deep breath.

Ending the massage. Rub the breasts in the opposite direction as at the beginning, i.e. from the inside down and upwards. This closes the breast tissue. Finish the massage by forming protective cups on your breasts with your hands. Finally, place both hands on the heart or one hand on the heart and the other hand on the uterus. In this way, you unify your female energy and create a connection between the heart, breasts and uterus. Thank your breasts and send them kisses. DONE!

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