How to increase breast size by massage

how to increase breast size with massage

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When we decide that enough is enough that low-cut dresses or blouses do not look without uncomfortable padding, that we do not feel completely confident with our chest size and that it is time to explore the options to increase it, we can feel overwhelmed about the number of options that they exist and are offered for this purpose? The most normal thing (and surely the reason why you are reading this) is to start from the most natural, less invasive and less expensive, and that is without a doubt the massages to increase the breasts.

Why do massages to increase the bust?

Although you could go straight to methods with immediate results like plastic surgery and body fat injections or methods with proven results like pectoral exercises and estrogen feeding, starting with massage for breast augmentation allows you to try the most natural method existing and at the same time healthy and comfortable.

How do massages work to increase breasts?

Massages to increase the bust are mainly focused on increasing two specific processes within our body that increase its activity when we receive constant manipulation in the area:

· Blood flow: when we increase blood flow thanks to massages to increase the breasts, we are increasing blood flow in the breasts and delivering more quickly and in greater quantity Phyto-estrogen, which is a vital adjunct in the creation of new breast tissue.

· Prolactin production: vital among the hormones that increase the natural size of our breasts, its production increases when we manipulate the area correctly as when trying to increase breasts with massages.

What massages to do to increase the bust?

There are different types of massages to increase the breasts that are easy to perform depending not only on your body type but on your sensitivity as well, these do not consume time and help both to enlarge the cleavage and to reaffirm it, having fuller, firmer and healthier breasts:

1. Circular

Using the palm of each hand, massage in a circular motion from the upper part of your breast to the lower part and then (always pushing towards the direction of your nipple) do the same but from the lower external part towards the nipple. Repeat this movement about 50 times two or three times a day. As you feel your breasts stronger, progressively increase the number of times until you reach 200. It is important to carry out progressive increases and not start at this amount because although circular massage is one of the most effective massages to increase the breasts that exist , may cause some discomfort at first).

2. Targeted for “Fat-Transfer”

If you have fat deposits in the abdomen or arms. It serves to unite the fat deposits to be transferred naturally to your breasts, simply apply pressure from your abdomen or arms (it depends on the fat you want to relocate) and “sweep it” or push it towards your breasts, at least 60 repetitions 2 times up to date. This is not only used to increase bust with massages, it is also used in spas and beauty canters around the world to transfer abdominal fat to the butt.

3. Chi

Chi massage is one of the most used and is not based so much on pressure as on constant movement, simply grab your breasts by placing your palm at the base of them and separating your fingers to cover it completely, now make circular movements towards the centre of your chest for about 15 min twice a day. Although simple, it is one of the massages for breast augmentation that most tones the chest tissue and ensures firm breasts that defy gravity.

Important Note: Before performing these or any of the breast augmentation massages, warm your hands and breasts with a washcloth or hot water. This will improve blood circulation and Prolactin production significantly.

Do oils and creams increase the effectiveness of breast augmentation massages?

>>>>Choose the Right Massage Oil or Cream to Increase Breast Size in 30 Days>>>>>>

Yes, they not only increase effectiveness but eliminate the few “side effects” that some women experience when performing breast enlargement massages. A traditional massage oil will help prevent irritation that can be caused by both circular and focused massages, simply apply a thin layer before starting the massage and keep the area well oiled throughout the procedure. On the other hand, moisturizing creams for the body and hands are excellent companions to massages to increase the breasts, since they not only serve to avoid irritations (although to a lesser extent than massage oils), but also their high collagen content and vitamin E helps the skin of the breasts expand as they grow, maintaining the firmness of your breasts and avoiding the sensation of “compression” that can be felt when using massage to increase the bust.

Why is breast augmentation massage healthy?

When we perform massages to increase the bust, we are naturally at the same time performing a check on our breasts that can reveal lumps, strange masses or other abnormalities in our breasts. If we do them 2 times a day (as they are mostly recommended), we are doing about 60 checkups a month and we will be aware of everything that happens in our breasts all the time. Always vigilant and healthy.

The results of performing massages

They can vary depending on the initial size, quality of feeding (amount of Phyto-estrogen in the blood), treatment used and whether or not it was enhanced with the use of heat to increase circulation. But the normal thing is that when increasing the bust with massages there is a visible increase 30 days after starting the treatment and battlements one size of bra sear when completing 3 months of daily massage.

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