How does the betting calculator work?

The betting calculator is a basic and fundamental tool if you want your bets to be as safe and efficient as possible. With it you will be able to know, based on certain odds and a limited budget, how you should divide the money among all the possibilities to make your bet a safe or sure bet .

The operation is quite simple, as well as its interpretation. As you can see, the calculator is divided into columns and rows, each with a utility. With this surebe calculator you can calculate bets with up to five different odds, knowing exactly the amount to invest in each specific amount.

To use it, you must enter the odds of the event or events that you want to calculate in the different rows (Odd 1, Odd 2, Odd 3…). Once done, enter the amount you want to bet in the area below (total amount to bet), and press the calculate button.

Then the safe betting calculator will return a series of numbers, indicating what you should do with your money. In the second column you will have the probabilities, according to the entered odds, that each of them will occur. Based on these, in the third column you will see the amount of your budget to bet on each option. Finally, the result refers to the total net winnings (or losses if it turns out red) based on the lowest value odds, and the percentage is the profit on the amount you bet. As long as the result is green, we will be talking about a safe bet.

Calculate bets on a 1X2 event

They are probably the most typical events when calculating a surebet. To do so, it will be enough to enter the amounts of the local victory, the draw and the visiting victory in different mummy boxes. Once done, the betting calculator will return the amount to put in each option and the possible winnings. Let’s see it better with an example in a soccer game:

Imagine a game in which the home team win is paid 2 for 1, the draw is 3.5 and the away win is 5. We enter these data into the calculator, in addition to the budget. In this case we set it to 50 monetary units. In this case, the calculator returns the following.

The benefits are 1.44%, that is, 0.72 monetary units. In this case we are talking about a safe bet, since the result is positive. You will never lose money with this combination, then it is in your hands to decide if you want to risk to achieve greater benefits or you prefer not to risk it.

For an event with only two options the operation would be exactly the same, but filling only options in two of the odds.

Combination Bet Calculator

In the case of combination bets, you will not be able to calculate a surebet as such as several possible outcomes between different events come into play. But you can calculate the potential earnings of the odds you choose, and combine them to see which option is best for you or is most recommended.

To do this, you can do up to five matches maximum, and you must choose a result for each event. Of course if this result is not the winner, it will be impossible for you to win the combined bet. However, you can select different combinations and see the net benefits of each of them.

This is all you need to know about our secure betting calculator. Now it’s up to you to access your betting house and put the data you will get here into use. Remember that you can use it as many times as you need.

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