Homeopathic alternatives for acid reflex

Many people suffer from discomfort of the digestive system, with the reflux of gastric acids quite common. This disease is very annoying, since it produces a feeling of discomfort, which occurs several times a day. Fortunately, if you suffer, not everything is lost, as there are homeopathic alternatives for acid reflux, such as those shown below.

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What is acid reflux?

How can homeopathy help?

For example, reflux is highly associated with nervous people who suffer from stress, so your therapist may choose options that act at both levels, seeking not only to cure you from reflux, but to improve your quality of life.

Some alternatives from which you can choose your homeopath are the following:

Nux vomica

This homeopathic remedy is made from strychnine, a toxic element used as a mouse poison, but in proper preparation it can be of great help to reduce gastric reflux. It can also be beneficial for a number of digestive disorders, such as heartburn, constipation, diarrheal and abdominal swelling.

Antimonium crudum

This homeopathic alternative is helpful for heartburn that occurs along with nausea. Homeopaths usually prescribe it when the person suffers from overweight, irritability and has digestive discomfort.


This homeopathic alternative is made from a moss that was used decades ago to treat digestive disorders. It is helpful for acid reflux that is accompanied by migraines and other digestive discomforts.

Carbo vegetabilis

Natrum muriaticum

Thus, there are alternatives presented by homeopathic medicine that can help us reduce many of our discomforts, such as digestive diseases, which often find no solution with traditional medicine.

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