Frequently asked questions on 800 toll-free numbers

Many beginners who have just started their first activity are not familiar with how the toll-free number works. Here are some frequently asked questions about toll-free numbers and how they work.

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1. What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that are charged to a person or company that receives the call instead of the caller. Primarily, these numbers are used for customer services by companies and organizations.

To distinguish them from normal landline numbers, green numbers begin with specific codes such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

The rules for toll-free numbers are controlled by the FCC, but do not assign specific telephone numbers.

The database of the toll-free number register is managed by a company called Somos, Inc. This company then gives permission to other companies called RespOrgs (responsible organizations) to assign toll-free numbers.

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2. Is there a difference between a toll-free number and a vanity number?

A vanity phone number is the industrial term used to describe the numbers that make up a business name or a more memorable phrase, for example 800-FIORI.

If a vanity number starts with a green code, it is no different than any other toll-free number in terms of functionality and purpose.

3. Can I get a vanity Phone numbers that includes a trade name and then sell it?

No, the FCC rules prohibit the accumulation or purchase of toll-free numbers for the purpose of reselling them.

4. Can I transfer my toll-free number to another company?

Yes, toll-free numbers are portable and you can use the same number with any business telephone service provider of your choice.

5. Can I receive international calls on a US toll-free number?

Yes you can. However, these calls will not be free for the caller and will be charged by your telephone company for an international call.

Most toll-free numbers are considered local calls in the United States and Canada. Customers calling from Canada will not be charged for an international call.

If your customers are in different countries, many of the toll-free number providers mentioned above offer toll-free numbers for other countries as well.

6. Can I forward free calls to my existing number?

Yes, you can forward free calls to your existing phone numbers. Many of the telephone companies mentioned above also allow you to set forwarding rules for incoming calls based on working time, availability and other factors.

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