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Casual and sporty style reigns in the main cities of the world. Wide pants and shirts, basic t-shirts and decorated colored sneakers, are part of the prevailing style among women today. Despite this, there are many women who want or should dress in a more elegant and formal way in their day to day. In this case, to give a fresh touch to a basic look and to feel comfortable, a backpack bag is a good option that will allow you to walk for hours, with the weight well distributed, and while you are in fashion.

Types of backpack style bags

In our catalog you can find perfect backpacks to take with you anywhere: practical, comfortable and with attractive designs. They can be classified by size, color, material and style.

• As for the materials, you will find very good qualities of leather, suede, fabric and plastic. If you are going to use your backpack very often, and you want to keep it in good condition, do not forget to keep time changes in mind. Do not choose a material that spoils easily in the rain, or that you will not wear during the summer months.

• The colors are varied; there is plain or patterned, pastel or fluorine. You must invest in the backpack with the color that is best to combine with your usual style, so you will ensure that you can make the most of it.

  • The shoulder bags also have their place in this original way of dressing, and the cross handles are a good option to carry your belongings in the back comfortably.
  • Are you looking for a backpack bag for women? For this or other items, visit our Fashion department.
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